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Solar Business Investments’ solar-electric refrigeration units allow giant food companies to cut their diesel costs by half.
On a typical day it takes as much diesel fuel to power a traditional diesel-powered refrigeration unit as the as it does for the big rig that pulls the food trailer. Our revolutionary technology uses the sun to power the refrigeration units, therefore, we need no diesel at all.
Many of our components have been tested for over 7 years and over 7 million hours on the road with less than 0.1% failure rate over that time.
Cut costs and reduce pollution by investing in our state of the art, zero-emission TRU’s, or Transport Refrigeration Units, also known as reefers in the food industry.
Your investment in solar reefers will also save you a lot of tax dollars with your solar business investment tax credit.
Put your tax dollars to work. Use the sun’s energy to create refrigeration. Our solar powered reefers are so green you can return energy to the grid and they are currently saving millions of pounds of pollution!
With Solar Business Investments, the tax law allows you to carry solar business energy tax credits back 1 year and forward for up to 20 years.Investing in Solar Reefers, or Solar Powered Refrigerated trucks, you can help save the environment, reduce climate change, and help save the planet through the use of green energy. Solar powered reefer trucks reduce smog and reduce emissions by offering an alternative energy source in the transportation industry.
And added benefit is that you will eliminate taxes and generate retirement income through a safe, long-term steady investment. Learn how Solar Business Investments can help you earn a steady 7% to 10% return, enjoy a 26% tax credit, maximize your Roth IRA conversion. Call us today to learn more!

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